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Mobile computing solutions that are

If you're in the market for mobile technology, you've probably seen a lot of inflexible, one-size-fits-all solutions — devices that may be "good enough" in the short term, but that can't adapt to your future needs.

We think you should demand better.

At Psion, we offer mobile computing solutions that are not only incredibly fast and rugged, they're also specially designed for customization, modification and extended wear life. And because they last longer, our devices can actually save you money on replacements and repairs over time.

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Any industry, any application, any environment. OUR TECHNOLOGY CAN MEET YOUR DEMANDS

We create some of the toughest, most powerful handheld computing systems around. Plus, we design them with the features that meet the demands of today's mobile workforce — like housings that can withstand six-foot drops, advanced barcode scanners and RFID capabilities, and Windows® operating systems.

Our solutions have helped boost efficiency, productivity and accuracy in industries such as:

  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Cold Chain
  • Field Service
  • Public Sector
  • Passenger Management
  • Ports and Container Yards
  • Postal and Courier
  • Retail
  • Warehouse and Distribution

Psion mobile solutions are unlike anything else on the market. Learn why.

Everything you need to make Better Mobility Decisions

When it comes to choosing a mobile computing solution, it's important to have all the facts. That means understanding what your devices can do for you today — and whether they'll be able to keep up with you tomorrow.

Start your research by accessing our free resources. What you learn about Psion might surprise you.

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Psion Solutions Guide

A comprehensive look at our full range of mobile devices, services and more.


Aberdeen "Mobility in Service" Report



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